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Since I started my journey with tarot and astrology, I have been strengthening my trust in my intuition by working with incredibly powerful tools that aid in discernment, understanding, and personal growth. It is because of this journey that I now have a more holistic understanding of myself and how I navigate this life. It is because of this journey that I have confidence that I am on my intended path. I'm not sure I can put into words how much more fulfilling my life has felt since I started working with these tools.



I am so thankful to be connected to my spirituality and intuition through tarot and astrology, and I can't wait to share the wisdom and guidance of the stars and the cards with you, too.


To keep us all safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, all tarot readings are completed remotely.


You set your intention for the reading and tell me what you'd like the cards' guidance regarding, and I send photos of the cards I pull with a full interpretation via email. This way, you can refer back to the cards' wisdom whenever you need it.


1-Card Pull


2-Card Pull



3-Card Pull



$5 for each additional card


To keep us all safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, all astrology services are completed remotely.

For personal birth chart readings, you need only provide your birthday, time of birth, and city of birth. I then compile a full report of your astrological placements, complete with a glossary of astrological terms and detailed explanations of what each of your placements mean for you. This report is then emailed to you, so you will always be able to revisit your chart.


Birth Chart - Sun, Moon, Rising


Birth Chart - Planets Only


Birth Chart - Planets + Houses


To book tarot and astrology services, please send me an

email by clicking below or visiting the contact page.

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