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My first aerial drag performance - full video!

Updated: Aug 28

I usually do drag that makes people laugh, but I've also been known to make folks (including myself) cry with my performance art too every once in a while. Yesterday, I managed to do both in the same number.

When Desiré Declyne sent me the above photo from Prismatic Events' Burton Brunch, I said "oh sh*t" out loud, because I didn't know my body could do that. Less than a minute prior to this, I was tap dancing with safety scissors and tiny hands (Because scissor hands, ba dum tss).

Sure I've been aerial training with my bestie Mx. D'Vine when they're in town, but when I woke up yesterday morning, I wasn't planning on getting on the trapeze. I was planning on doing the same mix as last time - Edwardo the Barber, the Vine of that kid screaming, "A Knife!," and Safety Dance.

But all of the simultaneous planetary retrogrades being reflected in my personal life and internal world mean I have been DEEP in my feelings lately. So when Creep by Radiohead came on shuffle as I was painting my face for the show, I had the creative urge to replace (some of) the tiny hands tap dancing bit in my Edward Scissorhands number with improv contemporary dance. I paused my makeup to make a new mix, sent it to DJ Taber and the show's ASL interpreters, and continued getting ready for the show. Then when I got to the venue, I remembered that Evan Rose was doing a (PEE WEE HERMAN!) trapeze/bicycle act, which I happened to be directly after in the show lineup. I asked if I could use the trapeze during my number too, and thanks to everybody's flexibility and generosity indulging my last-minute ideas for my number (thank you guys SO much, and my apologies again) - I think we just might have made a little magic onstage! At the very least, I performed aerial drag for the first time, and I shared some real and authentic emotions through my art. And I'm really proud of that.

Anyways, here's the full video that some of y'all were asking for - thank you so much Amanda for recording this! And heads up: trigger warning for flashing lights:

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