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June 2023 Collective Tarot

Updated: Jul 5

Happy Pride month! June is here, which means so is our monthly tarot pull for the collective. I pulled this month's collective tarot from The Field Tarot by Hannah Elizabeth Fofana - one of my favorite decks in my collection.

When I pull tarot for the collective each month, I energetically cleanse myself and my deck with incense and selenite before setting my intention:

"Universe, angels, spiritual guides, loved ones on the other side, for the greatest possible benefit and highest possible good for the most people, may undue harm be brought to none, what messages for the collective do you have that you would like me to share?"

Then I shuffle the cards, and interpret the ones that fall out using a combination of the deck's guidebook, the tarot interpretation resources on Biddy Tarot, and my own intuition. In this reading, I pulled Perspective, the 3 of Pentacles, and the King of Wands.

For my full interpretation, you'll need to subscribe. I don't like monetizing stuff either, but it's tough out here. Insert Bernie Sanders meme here. I appreciate your support.

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