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I should probably explain why I canceled that monthly variety show

Updated: Aug 28

It's been a super busy time lately, and I am just now realizing that I canceled the "Nobody F*cking Asked For This" Facebook events a hot thick minute ago without providing any kind of explanation. Looks like the AuDHD/C-PTSD memory and executive functioning struggles have struck again - whoops!

Genuinely, though - I'd like to apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the next "Nobody F*cking Asked for This." I've truly had so much fun hosting + producing these shows over the last few months, and it's been such an honor to work with such fantastic entertainers and perform some of my most ridiculous numbers for you all.

This was an incredibly difficult conclusion to come to, but this particular event's continued production just wasn't sustainable anymore. I was essentially investing time, energy, and money that I did not have enough of an abundance of, without receiving enough of a return on my efforts - in fact, this show was operating at enough of a deficit to impact my capacity to meet my own basic needs. I wasn't able to bring my best self to these shows (or to other parts of my professional or personal life) as a result, so I knew it was time to let this particular project go.

I first privately shared the news with the venue, cast, DJ, and ASL interpreters before canceling the Facebook events, and I've since been taking some time to do some much-needed bigger-picture analysis of everything I've been offering through Direct Motion so far this year. I'm now fully at peace with my decision to end of Nobody F*cking Asked For This - in no small part because the space created by this decision has already allowed me to realign my work in more supportive ways.

Among the conversations I've had with local LGBTQIA+ community recently, I've also noticed a strong desire to share creativity in spaces that are open to community of all ages. I've also heard about (and experienced myself) the need for routine movement, as well as coworking spaces to more easily access body doubling and parallel creative time.

I'm proud to also be regularly hosting offerings and holding spaces that fulfill these needs for all-ages events and creative community at Connect Community Center for Wellbeing:

  • My Stretch & Strengthen classes are every Monday at 9am - this equipment-free, body neutral, and trauma-conscious group exercise class starts with a full body stretch before we do exercises targeting our biceps + triceps, abs, glutes, thighs + calves.

  • My Creative Movement classes are every Thursday evening - we start with a guided full-body stretch while we collaborate on a playlist, then we hit "shuffle" and enjoy a mini dance party/ecstatic dance + parallel creative time.

  • My Oracle Office Hours are every Monday from 10am-1pm and Fridays from 5pm-9pm, and are when & where I offer tarot, oracle, and natal astrology (birth chart) readings. Drop in for a pay-what-you-can 3 card tarot reading during these hours (subject to availability), or reserve a standard reading through my online booking page.

Please know that the end of Nobody F*cking Asked For This does not mean the end of my relationship with the Crack Fox; in fact, some of the more supportive & aligned work I was referring to is happening there soon, too!

  • Saturday 9/2 I'm offering tarot readings at Le Club/Conspiracy starting at 9pm

  • Thursday 9/14 is the next Yeah, I'd Tap That (my monthly adults' tap dance workshop) from 7-8:30pm

Drag and variety show production-wise, I've already got some exciting things in the works to get back on the mic. More to come on that, but in the immediate meantime, you can also catch me performing at Prismatic Events' ASL-interpreted Burton Brunch this Sunday, 8/27!


Creative self-employment has certainly been quite the journey so far, and I'm so very thankful for your continued support as I continue pursuing my dreams. Here's to releasing what's no longer aligned, here's to the space to design a life that supports our needs, and here's to the limitless potential that the future holds.

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