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Direct Motion 101: Oracle Office Hours

What to expect from Direct Motion's metaphysical services

Oracle Office Hours are the container in which I offer tarot + oracle card readings and natal astrology readings by appointment at the Connect Community Center for Wellbeing. This is an offering that I'm incredibly excited to offer, especially as I share more of my most authentic self more openly.

Historically, I have kept my spiritual and intuitive sides private, separate from the creative + digital marketing and live entertainment work that I do. In fact, the start of Direct Motion's Oracle Office Hours marks the first time in my career that I've shared all of my talents and skills from one company - and that company is my own.

Reading tarot & oracle cards and diving into my own birth chart over the years has:

  • helped me find my way through some seriously dicey situations,

  • provided clarity when I've had to make tough decisions, and

  • connected me more deeply with my most authentic self.

I've navigated through the most intense parts of my trauma-healing journey just a bit more smoothly thanks to the support of my tarot and astrology practices, so I'm incredibly grateful to now have the opportunity to share these metaphysical tools as a part of Direct Motion Creative Collective, LLC.

If you've never had your cards read or taken a close look at your birth chart before - or if you've never worked with me in this way before - keep reading to get better acquainted with how I structure my divination and astrology services.


Let's first establish shared expectations, as well as clear up some common misconceptions.

It's super important to note that tarot and astrology readings are not meant to replace or be interpreted as any kind of licensed therapy, of medical, legal, or professional advice. Legally speaking, Direct Motion's tarot and astrology readings are for entertainment purposes only - meaning that any decisions that you may make after receiving a reading from me are entirely your own responsibility.

I like to use tarot and oracle cards as a way to guide meditation and personal growth, and card divination has become a core part of my own spiritual self-care. I don't set intentions or ask questions about situations regarding life-changing topics like marriage, death, or major medical decisions. Instead, we'll ask the cards more open-ended questions like:

"What overall energies or themes should I be aware of this lunar cycle?"

"What should I know about taking the next step in my career?"

"What general advice do you have for how I approach my love life?"

For tarot and oracle readings, we take turns shuffling the card deck while focusing on the question we're asking. Then we'll start with a three card reading - I'll explain what each of the cards represent, and we'll chat about what these cards could mean in the context of your question. If you've booked a private reading, we can spend the remainder of our hour together asking follow up questions, or using a different deck to explore another question.

For birth chart a.k.a. natal astrology readings, I'll need to know your birthday, time of birth, and city of birth to research your planets and house placements ahead of time so I can do my research and be ready to share some astrological info with you! During our session, we'll talk through the areas of life that each planet and house rule over, and what your personal placements for each of them mean. Natal astrology clients also receive a PDF detailing their birth chart for easy reference later on.


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